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What does Scoliosis feel like?

Hello everyone,

Unless you have scoliosis, it can be really hard to sympathise with someone who has the condition. The physical pain of Scoliosis can be severe, however some lucky people do not suffer at all with pain. The curvature of the spine is not always the direct source of the pain; however it can cause pain to arise in other ways. For instance, back pain can be caused due to the curve putting pressure on the spinal discs, ligaments, nerves and muscles. Severe Scoliosis can also cause misalignments of the hips,this can cause the persons gait to be affected (the way in which they walk). Over time this can lead to leg pain as the muscles over compensate for the lack of balance.

Serious cases of Scoliosis can lead to even bigger problems such as cardiovascular/ breathing issues. This is because the curve of the spine progresses so much that it begins to twist the rib cage, which can reduce the amount of space your lungs and heart have to work properly.

The emotional side of Scolio…

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